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Kashmir – The crown of India is as pleasant as the stones decorating the crown are. Take out a moment to gently visualize the boat ride in the Shikara into the stunning waters of Kashmir, the magic of the magnetic hills in Leh, the view of the snow-capped mountains to instantly bring you the “Phir Se Ud Chala” feels of the Rockstar movie.

Dramatic and Unreal. Kashmir is heaven on earth for more than so many self-explanatory reasons. Plan your perfect trip to the ecstatic mountains of Kashmir with the excellent range of Kashmir Tour Packages handcrafted by Raheja Vacations especially for you. Do not just dream to soak in the sun beside the crystal clear rivers of Kashmir and spend your evenings in the mesmerizing meadows of Kashmir, choose your preferred package and let Raheja Vacations take the load of your dream and turn it into the most happening reality.

Kashmir is one of the few states of India rich in geographical spheres. The mystic and majestic Kashmir is located in the northernmost geographical region of the Indian Subcontinent. Read further to encounter the most intricate and detailed version of Kashmir.

Best times to visit Kashmir

Poetically referring, there is no wrong time to visit Kashmir because it is evergreen and exquisite throughout the year. The best time is the time you feel vulnerable to the heartbeat of your heart which forces you to either visit the freezing snow-capped mountains of Kashmir or extends you to exit the sweat and heat of the plains and make way into the cold weather of Kashmir. Raheja Vacations has the type of best packages for Kashmir either way. You can and will enjoy most of Kashmir in your preferred weather.
The sun shines gracefully into the summers ranging from June to August. The summers in Kashmir is a flood of tourists comforting themselves with the Shikara Ride in Dal Lake or a night stay in a houseboat. Summer is also the most beguiling time when the local Kashmiris indulge in the celebration of festivals and weddings.
Taste the ecstasy of Kashmir in the off-season of September and November; in the monsoon season. You get the most exciting and unreal deals on hotels. Exploring places in the offseason is exceptionally enticing and not monotonous.
There is a hypnotic effect of the snow-capped mountains and plains in the winter season of Kashmir. Witness an eye and soul-refreshing snowfall between the months of December and February. There is a flood of tourists in the winter season, especially to visit Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Srinagar.

Places to visit in Kashmir

Kashmir is a picturesque valley. It is a wholesome experience of adventure and tranquillity, pronouncing and isolation, affecting and comforting. Kashmir was derived by a Sanskrit word “kasmira” which means the valley’s origins from the waters. Make sure to choose the best Kashmir tour packages incorporating the splendid and bounty of nature. The Kashmir holiday tour packages offered by Raheja Vacations are budget-friendly and lively.
Read below the list of exciting and beautiful places that you can visit on your trip to Kashmir –

1) Dal Lake –

As Wikipedia states, Dal Lake is the summer capital of Kashmir. Dal Lake is the second largest lake in the enchanting Kashmir Valley. It is one of the most prominent locations ranked number 1 via tourism in Kashmir. Close your eyes because you owe an appreciation to the majestic lands of unfiltered nature.

2) Gulmarg –

Gulmarg is the skiing destination of Kashmir. It is one of the most popular attractions in the tourist community. Gulmarg sparkles when it is covered in snow, it is white and picture-perfect for all the instagram addicts.

3) Sonamarg –

It is a very enchanting hill station located in the Ganderbal district in the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is 80 km in the east of Srinagar. Sonamarg is also known as the “Meadow of Gold”.

4) Leh –

Leh is one of the most outstanding tourist spots in the wishlist of travellers. Leh is a very famous Buddhist site also renowned for trekking.

What to eat in Kashmir –

Kashmiri food is a compliment in its own. There is a wide range of exciting and improvised spices, dry fruits and ghee which instantly levels up the deliciousness of the Kashmiri Food.

1) The very famous and refreshing Kashmiri Chai

This chai serves to the necessity of the people of Kashmir. It is made with extreme love. It is pink, milky and very creamy. Soul-satisfying isn’t it?

2) Special Vegetarian Dish

Dum aloo is a potato oriented dish. It is one of the most prominent and favourite of the Kashmiris. This dish is also the part of the Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine.

3) Special Flatbread

Bakarkhani is the most likely to be served hot bread during breakfast in the Kashmiri Pandits household. It is thick, spiced flatbread.

4) Best Dish of Kashmir

Wazwan is a multi-course cuisine. It is a comprehension of 36 different dishes of mutton or beef, chicken, vegetables and fruits. It is a unique and royal dish, which you must try for yourself in Kashmir.

We hope you are well acquainted with the landscapes of Kashmir, where to visit, and what to eat that you can choose from the best packages for Kashmir provided by Raheja Vacations. Let the dream of visiting the mystic lands of Kashmir, be your unreal reality this time. We promise you nothing less than liveliness and memories while you are sharing the trust with us.

With Raheja Vacations – Let’s make it happen.

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